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Limescale Reducer & Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Find all your limescale reducer & water filter frequently asked questions below.

Limescale Reducer & Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions
Limescale Reducer & Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you provide a time of arrival on the day of the water filter / limescale reducer installation and how long will it take to install?

Yes! - Our engineers will call you as they travel to your home. Usually arriving at 8:30am. Should they be delayed you will receive a telephone update providing a new estimated time of arrival. It could be from 3 - 5 hours depending on the location & access of the installation

Q2. Are your engineers insured for any plumbing, heating or gas work carried out?

Yes - all plumbing, heating & gas work is insured for £5 million public liability & property damage with Zurich

Q3. What qualifications do your plumbing & heating engineers hold?

Our engineers hold the following qualifications: * Gas Safe Registered * City & Guilds Plumbing & Heating * Water Regulations & BPEC G3 Vented & Unvented Hot Water Storage System Installation * Electrical - Part P * Electrical - 18th Edition

Q4. How can i pay for my new water filter & can i speak to someone with any questions i might have?

We accept the following payment methods below: * Cash * Debit or Credit cards * Bank Transfers Yes, we are happy to help you over the phone.

Q5. Will installing a limescale reducer improve my boilers efficiency?

A limescale reducer attached to the main supply of your house could protect the hot water heat exchanger from becoming blocked with limescale. If blocked with limescale it would have to work harder to heat your water.

Q6. What is the advantage of Combimate versus other water treatment systems?

British designed & manufactured, Combimate is a widely recognised & thoroughly proven hard water scale inhibitor.

Combimate does not use magnets or electricity in its effective anti-limescale operation. It's easy to install & requires minimal maintenance.

Q7. Will I need A separate non-treated drinking supply & is Combiphos safe?

No, Combimate is not a water softener & does not require a seperate drinking supply. Water softeners use salt & so softened water requires a seperate drinking supply because of the increased salt content.

Yes, Combiphos is safe & is classed as a food grade additive which conforms to European Standards EN1208 & World Health Organisation Standards as a safe additive to drinking water.

Combimate can be installed directly onto the cold water rising mains entering your home & safe to bathe in or drink the water supplied. Combiphos is safe for water in contact with babies, pets, tropical fish & skin conditions

Q8. What is Combiphos & how do i know when the combiphos spheres need replacing?

The Combiphos in your Combimate is a harmless food grade polyphosphate compound which is used to prevent the formation of scale deposits in your hot water system.

Combimate recommend that the Combiphos crystals be replaced annually. You can however replace them sooner if you see their effectiveness is lessening in your home.

Q9. Can I taste it, does it smell & will it discolour my clothes?

No, Combiphos is tasteless, No, Combiphos is odourless & No again, Combiphos has no effect on clothing.

Q10. Does Combimate need maintenance?

Apart from replacing the Combiphos crystals annually, Combimate requires no further maintenance.

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