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Hot Water Cylinder Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your hot water cylinder frequently asked questions below.

Hot Water Cylinder Frequently Asked Questions
Hot Water Cylinder Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you provide a time of arrival on the day of installation?

Yes! - Our engineers will call you as they travel to your home. Usually arriving at 8:30am. Should they be delayed you will receive a telephone update providing a new estimated time of arrival.

Q2. How long will it take to install my new hot water cylinder?

Please allow from 1- 3 days depending on which cylinder comfort pack you selected. Upgrading your new cylinder may involve lifting floor boards & carpets, upgrading old pipework, changing zone valves & heating pumps.

Q3. What qualifications do your plumbing & heating engineers hold?

Our engineers hold the following qualifications: * Gas Safe Registered * City & Guilds Plumbing & Heating * Water Regulations & BPEC G3 Vented & Unvented Hot Water Storage System Installation * Electrical - Part P * Electrical - 18th Edition

Q4. Are your engineers insured for any plumbing, heating or gas work carried out?

Yes - all plumbing, heating & gas work is insured for £5 million public liability & property damage with Zurich.

Q5. How can I pay for my new hot water cylinder?

We accept the following payment methods below: * Cash * Debit or Credit cards * Bank Transfers

Q6. Can I speak to someone if I have a question regarding my new hot water cylinder after the installation?

Yes, we are happy to help you over the phone. We are very familiar with your new hot water cylinder & additional controls so just give us a call.

Q7. Does my pressurised hot water cylinder require an annual safety service to maintain the manufacturer guarantee & safety operation?

It is recommended by the manufacturer that your pressurised hot water cylinder needs to be serviced annually in order to maintain its guarantee. It also needs to be serviced annually in order to ensure all safety features are working correctly. Your BPEC vented & unvented qualified service engineer will also complete the appropriate Service Interval Record.

Q8. What could improve the energy efficiency of my hot water cylinder ?

Some things that help to make a hot water cylinder energy efficient are: 1. New heating pump & zone valves 2. New energy efficient smart controls 3. A new energy efficient hot water cylinder

Q9. Will installing a limescale reducer improve my hot water cylinder efficiency?

A limescale reducer attached to the main supply of your house could protect the hot water cylinder from becoming blocked with limescale.

If blocked with limescale:

  • your cylinder thermostat could struggle to accurately measure the temperature of the water

  • the hot water flow would be reduced taking longer to supply hot water to your outlets

Q10. I'd like more space in my cupboard so how can I remove my hot water cylinder & change over to a combination boiler?

Please call us as it will require some planning. For example:

  • After removing your hot water cylinder and tanks in the loft, we may need to lift floor boards & carpets to reposition pipework

  • Your new combination boiler can be installed in your existing boiler’s current position or we may recommend relocating to an improved location

  • You may also decide to upgrade your radiators to improve your homes energy efficiency & to create a new look

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