Thermostats & Zone Valves

Honeywell thermostat, Drayton thermostat, Nest thermostat, Hive thermostat, Smart thermostats, Zone valves, Honeywell zone valves, Drayton zone valves, 2 port zone valves, 3 port zone valves, Diverter valve, Motorised valve

Q: Would you like smarter heating in your home..?


  • STYLE - smart, wireless, simplistic

  • CONTROL - select temperatures from your smart phone

  • EFFICIENCY - savings on heating bills

Q: Maintenance Required?

  • Adjust the programmed schedules to suit your family

2 & 3 Port Zone Valves

Q: How can my heating system improve in efficiency..?

A: Improve the efficiency of your heating system by installing zone valves!


  • Zone valves can increase COMFORT by dividing your home into individual temperature zones that you control

Q: Maintenance Required?




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