Magnetic Heating Filter

Q: Are your radiators slow to heat up or have some radiators just completely stopped working?

A: It may be that magnetite ( rust ) within the heating system is restricting heat to your radiators


  • Protection - against rusting & scale

  • Efficiency- savings on heating bills

  • Warmth - increased heat from radiators

Q: Maintenance required?

  • Simply...the magnetic filter can be cleaned during your annual boiler service...we are happy to help!

Magnetic Heating Filter Installation



inc parts & labour

Powerful internal magnet

Easy isolation valves

Extends life of heating system

125 litres of corrosion inhibitor

10 year product guarantee

Optional Extras:

Limescale reducer / Water filter

Magnetic chemical clean / flush

Hot water cylinder service

3 Reasons To Install A Magnetic Filter

Dirty Rusty Water In Radiators
Dirty Rusty Water In Radiators
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Magnatite from radiators
Magnatite from radiators
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Blocked zone valve & pipes
Blocked zone valve & pipes
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Gentleman Heating Customer Review

...Second time that I have used Gentleman Heating because you get a five star service...even managed to sort out a problem that British Gas engineers had tried on multiple occasions to rectify and continually failed. Great service and would 100% recommend... CB - Maidstone, Kent, UK

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