Magnetic Heating Filter

Q: Are your radiators slow to heat up or have some radiators just completely stopped working?

A: It may be that magnetite ( rust ) within the heating system is restricting heat to your radiators


  • Protection - against rusting & scale

  • Efficiency- savings on heating bills

  • Warmth - increased heat from radiators

Q: Maintenance required?

  • Simply...the magnetic filter can be cleaned during your annual boiler service...we are happy to help!

Magnetic Heating Filter Installation




Powerful internal magnet

Easy isolation valves

Extends life of heating system

125 litres of corrosion inhibitor

10 Year Manufactures Guarantee

Optional Extras:

Limescale reducer / Water filter

Magnetic chemical clean / flush

3 Reasons To Install A Magnetic Filter

Dirty Rusty Water In Radiators
Dirty Rusty Water In Radiators
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Magnatite from radiators
Magnatite from radiators
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Blocked zone valve & pipes
Blocked zone valve & pipes
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Gentleman Heating Customer Review

...Second time that I have used Gentleman Heating because you get a five star service...even managed to sort out a problem that British Gas engineers had tried on multiple occasions to rectify and continually failed. Great service and would 100% recommend... CB - Maidstone, Kent, UK

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